Monday, December 10, 2012

Some fabulous Christmas gift ideas!!

Christmas is always a crazy time of year, when I get asked what I want for Christmas I can think of many ideas! You don't have to take out a loan to survive Christmas, just think of who you are buying for and working out what would make them smile.  Remember - It is the thought that counts.  Taking a little time to prepare will also stop you panicking and over-spending or purchasing on the day.

Here are some great little present ideas:

* Peter Alexander pj's - great little packs this time of year!
*  Kate Spade desktop calendar, to keep friends organised and planning for 2013
*Kikki-K also great for organising (and local)
*Aveeno products, natural and they smell amazing
* Red Balloon voucher - great for the action/adventure junkie
* Gold Class vouchers
* Spa beauty treatment at a local spa (massage, facials, scrubs) spoil the one you love.
* Godiva chocolates (who doesn't love rich chocolates)
* Homemade body scrub - check out these ideas - I got a great coffee scrub, homemade, love it!
* Favourite perfume or cologne - you can order through Strawberry net for savings! Allow time for delivery, they do great packs also with body wash or lotion!! Value for money
*Magazine subscription - does he or she love fitness magazines? Or Home/Garden etc.... So nice to just get a magazine in the post instead of going to the newsagent.
* Myers online - for her, for him for those who know what they want and just do not have time to go purchase.
* Some health & fitness ideas you can get online 
* Donate to charity and make your friend/family feel like they made a difference 
* For those who are hard to buy for, let them choose from many stores with a Westfield Gift voucher, I love using these in the January sales, you get more for your $$

I love the look on people's faces when they open a gift, it is just a great feeling knowing you have thought of them! Enjoy shopping, make sure you have your list prepared BEFORE you head to the shops, also have a $$ limit so you don't get a little overboard!!  

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Is Christmas A Challenge for you?

Around this time of year I am thinking about what chrissie presents I can buy my loved ones and also what gorgeous delicious food will be on the menu for Christmas day.  The great thing about living in Australia is that Christmas Day is normally a sweltering 30+degrees... so it makes it so much easier to make healthier food & drink choices.  I think for most Christmas Day isn't really a bad day of eating it is all the celebrations leading up to the big day that pack on those unwanted pounds.

We are all about the work Christmas parties, the lunches, the friends catching up and then of course Christmas Day.  We feel that we have worked hard all year and deserve a break (you do, we all do) but the amount of people that put on weight over Christmas is outstanding, why do we gorge ourselves and spend the first few days of the New Year talking about being healthier this year, being fitter this year (and so on...) Here is a thought, commence now if you haven't done already.  Don't be a sheep and get hammered at every party and eat all the crap food because that is what everyone else does, have smart options/choices and work out which events you will let yourself have a treat or two!! Be in control. Be smart, plan and you will thank yourself for it come 1 January 2013.

You have 35days starting from now to get those healthy habits fine tuned - for those who have already started, keep going and tighten those reins.. haha get it, ahh yes. Humour.  I try.  Sometimes I laugh at my own jokes, it is just sad. 

35 days - they say it takes 4 -6 weeks to start a new habit (eating clean healthy foods and moving your body a couple times a week), you will start to notice  changes/ a difference around that time and others will start to notice in 12 weeks.  So why wait until January/February to start?  You can still enjoy Christmas, the great turkey, ham, pavlova (my fav), champers, just PLAN PLAN PLAN.   Here are my tips to still enjoy the festive season but also keep your body healthy, fit and lean:-

* natural mineral water with fresh berries, lime (make frozen lime/natural fruit mixes as ice) I drink mine out of a wine glass, it helps trust me!
* limit alcohol intake, if you feel like a drink, add vodka to mineral water mix 
* be the nominated driver, then you don't have to drink and are in control
*T2 have some great teas that can be drank cold (no sugar) taste divine
*drink lots of water... not energy drinks
* enjoy lots of fresh summer fruits with yoghurts, prepare green salads and meats to eat daily, healthy snacks (fruit, nuts, yoghurt) make healthy protein balls as a semi naughty snack
*move your body everyday (swimming, walking, class, run, ride, dancing)
* Eat before going to buffet dinners, don't starve yourself
* choose from fresh green salads, lots of protein from meats, turkey, chicken, ham
* don't stand near the snacks table (handful of peanuts here, crisps here)
* get some little mints to keep in your bag, when you feel like you are going to raid that snack table or feel the urge for the 4th glass of wine, pop in a mint.
* Visualise how you want to feel in the New Year, lean and fit and healthy or fat, sluggish and tired? Put pictures up to inspire you, you can do it.
* Offer to bring foods along to events so you can control what you are eating
* Book yourself some pampering to celebrate your healthy regime (massages, pedicures)
*Have you wanted to try a new class, book that in! yoga, dancing etc
* Plan lots of activities outside! Bike rides, runs, walks with friends on tracks you have been wanting to explore, make it social with a nice swim or picnic at the end
* Laugh, enjoy catching up with friends, surround yourself with people who will support your decisions not sabotage you to make them feel better, do this for you! It won't be easy but you will so thank yourself for it.

So let's for some GO, for others step up the journey, NO excuses.  Let's get meaner, leaner and kick some bodyfat in the process.  

Friday, November 9, 2012

Are you ready for Summer?

Cue marketing campaigns for summer beach bikini diets - now.  Us human beings are crazy to constantly go on and off diets for certain occasions or seasons, why is it imperative that we look our best NOW for summer, why are we not ensuring we have a healthy lifestyle, look and feel great all year around, maybe just tightening up the reigns just a little to get bikini/beach ready?

Have a squizz on most females to do list (and men of course), I guarantee you more exercise and or improve diet will both come up! I must eat better, and drink less to look good before all the Christmas parties and summer.......   why why do we struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle ALL YEAR around?

It all comes down to choices.  We all have the choice to eat well, train and be fit and fabulous all year around, some of us do (I know many people choose this lifestyle, love it and embrace it and still enjoy the good things in life) but for the majority there is always a big weekend that leads into a bad week, that just keeps on going, we constantly are on a wagon, falling off and getting back on.  I truly believe it is time to stop punishing ourselves. 

I know when I eat well, sleep well, laugh lots, train and socialise with friends I am happy, I believe you need to be balanced mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I can not just be all about nutrition and training, unless I decide to become an athlete! I already feel like I achieve that as a teenager, as all I did was play sport, I was always playing/competing/watching basketball, netball, swimming, golf... you name it I gave it a good solid crack.  Growing up active has definitely had a positive impact on me and driven me to do my studies to become a trainer and work with people to help them towards their health and fitness goals.  I am not currently practising as a trainer but I still study, learn, get my CEC's and enjoy health & fitness!  I love finding out different passions within health and fitness that just keeps my passion alive.  

I am ready for summer.  What does summer mean for you?  For me it is all about the sunshine, warm weather, picnics on the beach, swims in the ocean, summer fruits, watching the cricket, Sydney to Hobart, gelato, great seafood with chilled wine, laughter with friends, weekend walks and bike rides with my boy, night cinemas, music in the domain and trying new sports on the water (paddle boarding seems to be the in thing) and generally getting out and about and enjoying the great outside that Australia has to offer, that is my ideal summer.  Oh and to have a nice little tan.  Those are the things that make me smile, happy and content.  That for me is a healthy lifestyle! What do you love about summer?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nothing like an extra challenge......

Loving the extra motivation a new challenge with Justine Switalla- Sports Model has given me, totally boosted my motivation to achieve greatER things - continuing on with my current healthy lifestyle but increasing the intensity. Seven day boost challenge starts today, eating clean 100%.  My next four days will be 100% clean (no dairy, grains, processed foods, alcohol).  Dinner party on Saturday night will be a 80-90% clean day.  Exercise for the next four days looks something like this: PT session, RPM class, Bodybalance class, weights session, swim & bootcamp. My goodness. PUMPED.

Dexascan is in 17days time!! Have been super good with food but time to stop the little tidbits here and there and going super super squeaky clean... saw this seven day challenge on FB this morning and thought this is just the boost I need to get my motivation back up there!  

Starts today, no training today, osteo appt this afternoon to keep my body in fine condition and ready for the next 17days of changing one's bodyshape.

Pictures will be taken and posted at end with dexascan results. I am excited and freaking out a little also. The numbers of dexascan NEVER lie, so let's see shall we.

Ready set GO!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Shoulda, woulda, coulda......

Have finally settled back into a great weekly training routine which keeps me pumped and motivated, normally.  This week hormones have settled in and I cannot seem to shake the black dog vibe - yes there are a few external factors out of my control affecting my mood, but I can not seem to shake it.  In a strange way there is a sense of calm, I am eating clean 95% of my day - no panic, just calm.

So why is today so blergh, dark and depressive?  Have I fallen into a slump and just need to kick my own arse or do I really need to listen to my body and ride out this wave, what is the worst thing that can happen? I will still continue to eat clean, be rested and ready for my cardio/circuit training session tomorrow and the Seven Bridges walk Sunday - why should I feel like I shoulda, woulda, coulda done better with organising myself today.

I cancelled my PT session last night as I felt like I had an alien in my lower abdomen trying to get out, not really ideal body state to train, does that make me weak, I don't think so. My body was trying to deal with a a couple areas of stress (back, tummy), I wouldn't of been in the right frame of mind or body for that matter to push myself 100%, wasting my time/money and my trainers.  

Nutrition is the key. Training is still being completed, done,executed, just not today.

Monday, October 15, 2012

4.5 weeks (32 days) until next dexascan.....

I am not sure why these last few weeks I haven't been as motivated to shed the pounds as I once had been...  I am still enjoying my healthy lifestyle - training weekly and eating good healthy foods, but I am also enjoying the fact that I don't worry about my weight or weighing myself everyday.  Yes I can be a lot LEANER and fitter... but for some reason I am purely happy with myself at the moment.  

Amazing how life changes and you are just content, I love lazy sleep ins now with my boy on a Sunday instead of rushing off to do a triple class, I love having vino and some gorgeous cheese and crackers on a Friday night, or a nice pub lunch on a Saturday ... it is all about choices, I know that I eat healthy 80% of the time and I also know that it is the other 20% stopping me from reaching my goals.... but in all honesty I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. Yes I do look in the mirror and think, gosh I need to get rid of that excess bodyfat, but I don't obsess and stress, and you know the biggest thing - I DO NOT GIVE A SHIT WHAT OTHERS THINK OF ME. I DO NOT CARE. MY GOALS ARE MINE. I HAVEN'T FAILED IN MY EYES AND THEY ARE THE ONLY EYES THAT COUNT.

I know people say and I used to be one of them "if it was easy we all would do it", well it isn't easy at all and if you have to fight that inner demon all the time, is it something you really want?  You have to truly ask, "who exactly will I be letting down here?".  If it is yourself, then you have to just dust yourself off and keep going, challenging yourself everyday.

I love that I am not perfect, I love my little flaws, because they are ME.  I am the best version of me I can be everyday, I strive to improve myself everyday in little ways, both physically & mentally.  I love learning new things about my body & mind - and I know I will get the results I want from the next dexascan as I can feel the progress in my body - I feel stronger, fitter and let's hope leaner (bodyfat wise) and more muscle!!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I threw out my bathroom scales.

Why? Because they were making me miserable.  I would feel great, healthy and fit and then step on the scales to see that I was XXweight and would instantly feel miserable, angry, upset and disappointed.  I would forget that PB that I did in the gym or the charity run I completed and raised money for.....

My body is simple, I have lived, trained and travelled with it for 38years, I know if I consume crap I will feel like crap and my body will too, when I train hard, eat well and even eat treats I know I function like a well fuelled fat burning Ferrari, so why worry about what those scales say? They have NO idea at what I have achieved, gained, lost, experienced.  I hear you say, oh just keep them so you know, why?

I don't want to know how much I weigh, I want to know how much muscle I have put on and how much body fat I have reduced, that is why I have pre booked dexascans for November and February.  So I can check:-

* that my bone density is still healthy and rising slowly
* that my body fat has decreased (especially torso and thighs)
* muscle has increased everywhere

This is a much healthier way to track how my body is going and progressing with nutrition and training.   Going by my clothes, measuring myself and how I look in the mirror is my guide in between the dexascans.  When I am at the gym my focus and determination is seeing those muscle mass figures rise!  I love when I can see definition come through in my shoulders, arms, legs...  That visual aspect gives me that extra pump to push harder, push heavier and really challenge my body and my mind.  You see my mind isn't focused on a number, I am SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT.  I know that muscle weights more than fat. I know that I can look slimmer and weigh more.  It is all in the MIND.