Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Is Christmas A Challenge for you?

Around this time of year I am thinking about what chrissie presents I can buy my loved ones and also what gorgeous delicious food will be on the menu for Christmas day.  The great thing about living in Australia is that Christmas Day is normally a sweltering 30+degrees... so it makes it so much easier to make healthier food & drink choices.  I think for most Christmas Day isn't really a bad day of eating it is all the celebrations leading up to the big day that pack on those unwanted pounds.

We are all about the work Christmas parties, the lunches, the friends catching up and then of course Christmas Day.  We feel that we have worked hard all year and deserve a break (you do, we all do) but the amount of people that put on weight over Christmas is outstanding, why do we gorge ourselves and spend the first few days of the New Year talking about being healthier this year, being fitter this year (and so on...) Here is a thought, commence now if you haven't done already.  Don't be a sheep and get hammered at every party and eat all the crap food because that is what everyone else does, have smart options/choices and work out which events you will let yourself have a treat or two!! Be in control. Be smart, plan and you will thank yourself for it come 1 January 2013.

You have 35days starting from now to get those healthy habits fine tuned - for those who have already started, keep going and tighten those reins.. haha get it, ahh yes. Humour.  I try.  Sometimes I laugh at my own jokes, it is just sad. 

35 days - they say it takes 4 -6 weeks to start a new habit (eating clean healthy foods and moving your body a couple times a week), you will start to notice  changes/ a difference around that time and others will start to notice in 12 weeks.  So why wait until January/February to start?  You can still enjoy Christmas, the great turkey, ham, pavlova (my fav), champers, just PLAN PLAN PLAN.   Here are my tips to still enjoy the festive season but also keep your body healthy, fit and lean:-

* natural mineral water with fresh berries, lime (make frozen lime/natural fruit mixes as ice) I drink mine out of a wine glass, it helps trust me!
* limit alcohol intake, if you feel like a drink, add vodka to mineral water mix 
* be the nominated driver, then you don't have to drink and are in control
*T2 have some great teas that can be drank cold (no sugar) taste divine
*drink lots of water... not energy drinks
* enjoy lots of fresh summer fruits with yoghurts, prepare green salads and meats to eat daily, healthy snacks (fruit, nuts, yoghurt) make healthy protein balls as a semi naughty snack
*move your body everyday (swimming, walking, class, run, ride, dancing)
* Eat before going to buffet dinners, don't starve yourself
* choose from fresh green salads, lots of protein from meats, turkey, chicken, ham
* don't stand near the snacks table (handful of peanuts here, crisps here)
* get some little mints to keep in your bag, when you feel like you are going to raid that snack table or feel the urge for the 4th glass of wine, pop in a mint.
* Visualise how you want to feel in the New Year, lean and fit and healthy or fat, sluggish and tired? Put pictures up to inspire you, you can do it.
* Offer to bring foods along to events so you can control what you are eating
* Book yourself some pampering to celebrate your healthy regime (massages, pedicures)
*Have you wanted to try a new class, book that in! yoga, dancing etc
* Plan lots of activities outside! Bike rides, runs, walks with friends on tracks you have been wanting to explore, make it social with a nice swim or picnic at the end
* Laugh, enjoy catching up with friends, surround yourself with people who will support your decisions not sabotage you to make them feel better, do this for you! It won't be easy but you will so thank yourself for it.

So let's for some GO, for others step up the journey, NO excuses.  Let's get meaner, leaner and kick some bodyfat in the process.  

Friday, November 9, 2012

Are you ready for Summer?

Cue marketing campaigns for summer beach bikini diets - now.  Us human beings are crazy to constantly go on and off diets for certain occasions or seasons, why is it imperative that we look our best NOW for summer, why are we not ensuring we have a healthy lifestyle, look and feel great all year around, maybe just tightening up the reigns just a little to get bikini/beach ready?

Have a squizz on most females to do list (and men of course), I guarantee you more exercise and or improve diet will both come up! I must eat better, and drink less to look good before all the Christmas parties and summer.......   why why do we struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle ALL YEAR around?

It all comes down to choices.  We all have the choice to eat well, train and be fit and fabulous all year around, some of us do (I know many people choose this lifestyle, love it and embrace it and still enjoy the good things in life) but for the majority there is always a big weekend that leads into a bad week, that just keeps on going, we constantly are on a wagon, falling off and getting back on.  I truly believe it is time to stop punishing ourselves. 

I know when I eat well, sleep well, laugh lots, train and socialise with friends I am happy, I believe you need to be balanced mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I can not just be all about nutrition and training, unless I decide to become an athlete! I already feel like I achieve that as a teenager, as all I did was play sport, I was always playing/competing/watching basketball, netball, swimming, golf... you name it I gave it a good solid crack.  Growing up active has definitely had a positive impact on me and driven me to do my studies to become a trainer and work with people to help them towards their health and fitness goals.  I am not currently practising as a trainer but I still study, learn, get my CEC's and enjoy health & fitness!  I love finding out different passions within health and fitness that just keeps my passion alive.  

I am ready for summer.  What does summer mean for you?  For me it is all about the sunshine, warm weather, picnics on the beach, swims in the ocean, summer fruits, watching the cricket, Sydney to Hobart, gelato, great seafood with chilled wine, laughter with friends, weekend walks and bike rides with my boy, night cinemas, music in the domain and trying new sports on the water (paddle boarding seems to be the in thing) and generally getting out and about and enjoying the great outside that Australia has to offer, that is my ideal summer.  Oh and to have a nice little tan.  Those are the things that make me smile, happy and content.  That for me is a healthy lifestyle! What do you love about summer?