Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My biggest hurdle, is me.

I have always strived to be the best at everything I do. In the past I used to set goals TOO HIGH for myself and wonder why "I failed".  Putting uncesseary hurdles in the way. I have since learnt that setting smaller realistic goals are the stepping stones to the BIG goals and if along the way the path changes, so be it, I would of still achieved goals set.

Last year I decided I wanted to compete, stand on stage and enter a BB competition.  I have changed my mind.  I might decide later on down the track that I want to do it and will address it then if it does indeed pop back into my head.  The biggest challenge for me was being comfortable with my decision that I didn't want to compete anymore, I hadn't failed myself or anyone else, I had simply changed my path and I tell you what, it felt good, I felt in control & don't have to prove myself to anyone.

I still have my goals, I still challenge myself daily body mentally and physically and I love that I can change the stepping stones along the way, because you know what, it is my path and I cannot wait to see where it takes me!  

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