Monday, February 20, 2012

How I do #Paleo

Paleo - it is the new thing, that is confusing so many people.  Like anyone else I am intrigued when I hear of something "new" in the health and fitness space, I will always read up and do my own research about the new fad, diet, whatever it might be.  I like to just take different bit of information I find and use what I feel works for me.  The basic idea is to eat like our ancestors did before supermarkets and fast food chains appeared everywhere! Living off the land, eating food that was available depending on the seasons.

Human beings are strange creatures, we need something to follow, something to preach about to others, something to try, how about saying, I choose to eat healthy fresh food, food that  hasn't been through a process to strip the minerals and vitamins that our bodies require?   I also say use your head - COMMON SENSE. 

Could you imagine if as a society we ate NO processed foods? No milk, no wheat, no bread, no cakes, no lollies, no soft drink, no alcohol, nothing that came in a packet/package...  so many companies would go broke, we would all be healthier and maybe even reduce some health issues as a nation! 

The way I do "paleo" is by eating predominately "clean" foods.  My daily intake of food consists of vegetables, eggs, fruit, nuts, meat, wholefoods - I have taken out dairy, wheat and most processed foods.  I find for ME that my body LOVES it, and functions so much better!  I am human, I do love chocolate, especially dark chocolate... I do love the odd soy latte and I do love red wine, all in moderation of course.  I am not going to go to extremes and not allow myself the odd yummy treat now and then.... where is the fun in that? I report to myself and myself only. 

So if you are having issues with the paleo way of thinking, adapt it to suit your needs... better still don't say you are doing paleo, just use the information as a guide like I do, call it healthy eating.  Live life, enjoy your food, just make sure it is more fresh than processed, be aware of where your meat and eggs are coming from, do some research on market fruit/vegetables compared to Coles/Woolworths.  

Oh I had cream in my long black coffee the other day, was delicious.... oops.

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