Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Time to recharge the batteries.

I used to think I was superwoman.  Sometimes I am, I put on that cape and work my ass off, but there are times when I know that my body and mind need a full on break.

I listen to my body only and ignore comments from other people when they say "push harder, don't stop, no excuses"!  Those are other peoples  expectations, not mine. There is time when you need that encouragement to help you push through to your goals and then there is time where you really just need to stop, collaborate and listen, I mean relax.

My battery needs to be recharged, I need my body & mind to reconnect, time to reflect on the events over the last 12 or so months and time to think about which direction I am going in life. I love a little bit of perspective too.

Time to re-charge. Get away from the daily routine of work, gym, crazy mad city life & head to another country to relax, spend time with myself, my thoughts and of course my lovely man. To spend time together away from our current daily shuffle.  

Everyone is different, some people push themselves into the ground, sometimes it might be worth it (athlete, competing) but I guarantee you everyone would love just a week OFF, no matter what they do.You would be mad if you said you didn't. 

I love that I am going to be away - to eat great food, sleep in, swim, shop, get massages - read a BOOK! That is a huge sign that I am not getting enough down time when I haven't read a full book in months. I used to read about 10-15 books a year. Time reorganise my priorities!!

Next week we head to Thailand... for a blissful 10days of relaxmus.  I cannot wait to see how my mind and body feels after getting away from it all.

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