Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oxygen covergirl competition......

That time of year again. I was very excited last year to enter the Oxygen Covergirl contest and am keen to do it again this year..... even if I have been on holidays in Thailand and been a little ahem relaxed with my nutrition.

Nothing like a tight deadline to really knuckle down with nutrition and challenge myself with training.  I have been training hard and feel great after a couple weeks off (swimming, sleeping in, eating, drinking, sleeping, swimming).  Gives the body & mind a true break and time to swing it out of the ball park.

Finding out that I have serious knee issues before my trip didn't help my motivation to train, being limited with the exercise I can do I am going to focus on exactly that, what I CAN do. I have sat down and planned out my training sessions and exactly what I will do to achieve goals.  

LOVE a challenge.I have lots of hard work to do.

2011 entry

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