Friday, September 14, 2012

Back to basics training.....

So on my quest for fitness (and superwoman status) I decided that obviously the training I have been doing isn't working for me to achieve my goals, yes I am fit and strong but have a LONG way to go to achieve my TO DO list.

Knowing that my body has so many issues, niggles and out of whack muscle programming going on that I knew I had to entrust in someone who can reprogram my muscles to function how they should, in the right order.  So first PT session last Wednesday night was a great little session, just seeing what shape I was(nt) in.

My entire Ferrari needs reprogramming, muscles are taking over and not letting the others ones play, which is causing me lots of pain and grief.  Hip flexors seem to be ruling the show which then affects the entire lower region.  Back seems strong but chest is pretty weak (even though I can do push ups on my toes right?). SO much work to be done but I am excited to get this body re programmed, fit and strong.  

So stabilisation homework is to be done. Lots of it. To get the synapses burnt into my brain!!

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