Sunday, September 9, 2012

To paleo or not to paleo?!

So many health buzz words out there all saying that they are fabulous & THE best thing ever for you to follow & be healthy!

I say do what works for you & trust your gut! If you follow paleo 100%, awesome, knock your socks off! I have learnt so much more about food thanks to you truly die-hard followers, thank you for re-opening my eyes to common sense.

My gut (literally) prefers me not to eat any wheat or dairy, my body functions the best when I eat primal foods most of the time. Primal for me is foods that are readily available with limited processes been done to get it in your belly! My body responds to fats & proteins well & fuels my muscles better than any "bread or cereal" would!!

The "healthy food" pyramid doesn't make sense to me at all! Having worked in dietetics & nutrition I have also worked with dietitians who believe this theory is incorrect. So much dense processed foods to give you energy when you can get so much more from fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts & seeds etc. Not really brain science & considering most of us have desk jobs we don't need to eat that much!

Knowing where my meat comes from is a biggie for me, as we have do many people to feed on this planet now and the odd goat or cow aren't going to go far in our "village" I like to know how the animal I am about to consume spent its last days. I prefer to spend more money on this, that is my choice & after a summer walking over dead chooks in the Tom Price chook farm with Judy collecting eggs I always choose my products wisely!

So I eat primal foods & enjoy some ad hoc products that are processed from time to time (Greek yoghurt, wine, chocolate, coffee) because I like them & enjoy life, enjoy trying different foods & don't feel the need to say i am paleo - i respect the paleo way!

Eating fresh foods daily will help you be fit, healthy & ward off diseases (heart disease, obesity, type II diabetes, cancer etc) rid over-processed foods (white products) limit processed/packaged food.

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