Monday, September 3, 2012

Cottage cheese thighs & size 10 shorts..........

Being a little superficial but getting rid of my lumpy thighs and fitting back into my fav shorts is my goal.  Obviously there are a HUGE list of goals I want to achieve but this is my visual mantra to get me training like a mad woman and eating like a clean mean fat burning machine.  My visual mantra - to rid of my dimply thighs and to get back into my sexy Country Road size 10 shorts. Yes it seems a little dramatic.. but that is me!  My dexascan put things into perspective and now it is time to smash it up!

Today I am sore all over. It feels great. I have been a little hit and miss with my full body training of late and I felt like I had lost a little of my fitness mojo - I was still doing some good solid sessions in the gym, but my overall outlook had taken a bit of a back seat - I had lost confidence in myself. I had relaxed on my nutrition (blame winter, weekends, my love of wine, chocolate and pizza) was irregular with my training and the results do show on the scale and dexascan - some muscle gain and also some lots of bodyfat gain.  I know I am strong I am 55kgs of muscle & can do push-ups on my toes, but I am also storing more fat than an otter.  Need to shed about 9kg of fat.I am tall, have a big frame, I hide it well, in clothing.

Gaining muscle is great, means I am still challenging myself and doing some training well.  The fat gain is purely not watching what food goes into my gob (or just watching it as it easily glides in). Just reminds me that no matter what if you take your eye off the prize you find you have bigger thighs (and ass and tummy in my case)! But I am not thinking I have gone backwards, it is just another little hurdle in life that I will scale over! *pun intended*

SO many goals, so many things to do - as per my mini-bucket list!  I have so many things I want to achieve and am on the road to achieving them ALL.

Watch this space. The fire is back. Starting with the Blackmore Bridge run, raising money for Inspire Foundation, coming up in 13 days I am pumped.

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