Wednesday, September 19, 2012

100 days sugar free!

Sugar - what are the benefits of sugar?  Yes sugar becomes glucose and we need glucose for energy, but WHERE you get your sugars from is key (fruits & vegetables provide sufficient levels for the body). Refined sugar and other products cause more chaos in the body than good. Spiked insulin levels, mood swings, cravings - it is a drug and addictive.

A friend of mine started a 100 day challenge page on Facebook a while ago, great concept to commit to achieving your goals or giving up something for 100 days, perfect timing to start creating a new habit or delete a bad pattern/addiction from your lifestyle.

Focusing on creating new habits will help achieve health & fitness goals. Being aware of what I am currently doing daily/weekly food and exercise wise is a way to track my progress, keeping a journal is great to reflect back up on on some struggle street days.

So my challenge is go without sugar for 100 days.  I have done the no alcohol for 3 months last year and it was awesome, so I know how great this challenge will be.  Sugar has no role in MY lifestyle. Yes it tastes good and everyone enjoys a cupcake or brownie or lollies but for me it is a weak point, a habit and for those who know me, I don' t need any chemical that will make me MORE hyper than I naturally am.  

For those who suffer moods swings and sugar cravings, you are addicted.  You do not NEED sugar, yes it tastes nice and good to have as a treat now and then but your body is addicted and knows it will get it's daily dose because you have created a habit. (this is the same as drinking, coffee, drugs etc) so if you feel like you need a change or have a habit you WANT to break, I would suggest a 100 day challenge. It is enough time to form a NEW habit, and learn about how your body responds without your vice that you THINK you neeeeeed!

NO SUGAR, let me breakdown MY no sugar guidelines:

* Natural sugar only - fruit in small amounts is fine, it is natural. I love blueberries or strawberries with  my oats and enjoy a baked apple or apple with my almond butter etc.  No honey or stevia or sweetener.

* Tracking my daily sugar intake - processed foods have sugar added (pasta sauce, sauces, tinned goods, pre packaged foods, soy milk etc) my daily intake is between >20-30g a day and predominately from fruits/vegetables.

* Tracking my mood changes - am I hungry, tired etc.  Eating more protein, vegetables and healthy fats during the day to keep my insulin levels stabilised (I don't get the 3:30pm hunger pangs unless I haven't eaten enough good foods).

* No wheat or dairy. The odd soy piccolo on the weekends because they are scrumptious and life is short. Reducing lots of processed foods from my diet. 80% fresh foods to be digested, which I have been doing the last few months.

* Ensuring I eat adequate meat, eggs, vegetables, nuts and seeds daily. 

* Limit alcohol intake.  No soft drink mixes - soda water if having spirits (vodka).  I do enjoy a nice glass of red with dinner.  Again life is short.

I have learnt so much from some great authors, lots of healthy food recipes and reasons why sugar isn't good for me/us/everyone.

Sarah Wilson
Natalie Carter 
7 Harms of Sugar

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