Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I threw out my bathroom scales.

Why? Because they were making me miserable.  I would feel great, healthy and fit and then step on the scales to see that I was XXweight and would instantly feel miserable, angry, upset and disappointed.  I would forget that PB that I did in the gym or the charity run I completed and raised money for.....

My body is simple, I have lived, trained and travelled with it for 38years, I know if I consume crap I will feel like crap and my body will too, when I train hard, eat well and even eat treats I know I function like a well fuelled fat burning Ferrari, so why worry about what those scales say? They have NO idea at what I have achieved, gained, lost, experienced.  I hear you say, oh just keep them so you know, why?

I don't want to know how much I weigh, I want to know how much muscle I have put on and how much body fat I have reduced, that is why I have pre booked dexascans for November and February.  So I can check:-

* that my bone density is still healthy and rising slowly
* that my body fat has decreased (especially torso and thighs)
* muscle has increased everywhere

This is a much healthier way to track how my body is going and progressing with nutrition and training.   Going by my clothes, measuring myself and how I look in the mirror is my guide in between the dexascans.  When I am at the gym my focus and determination is seeing those muscle mass figures rise!  I love when I can see definition come through in my shoulders, arms, legs...  That visual aspect gives me that extra pump to push harder, push heavier and really challenge my body and my mind.  You see my mind isn't focused on a number, I am SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT.  I know that muscle weights more than fat. I know that I can look slimmer and weigh more.  It is all in the MIND.

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