Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nothing like an extra challenge......

Loving the extra motivation a new challenge with Justine Switalla- Sports Model has given me, totally boosted my motivation to achieve greatER things - continuing on with my current healthy lifestyle but increasing the intensity. Seven day boost challenge starts today, eating clean 100%.  My next four days will be 100% clean (no dairy, grains, processed foods, alcohol).  Dinner party on Saturday night will be a 80-90% clean day.  Exercise for the next four days looks something like this: PT session, RPM class, Bodybalance class, weights session, swim & bootcamp. My goodness. PUMPED.

Dexascan is in 17days time!! Have been super good with food but time to stop the little tidbits here and there and going super super squeaky clean... saw this seven day challenge on FB this morning and thought this is just the boost I need to get my motivation back up there!  

Starts today, no training today, osteo appt this afternoon to keep my body in fine condition and ready for the next 17days of changing one's bodyshape.

Pictures will be taken and posted at end with dexascan results. I am excited and freaking out a little also. The numbers of dexascan NEVER lie, so let's see shall we.

Ready set GO!

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