Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lane rage for session II

Planning is key I keep telling myself and others. Well I didn't plan well for my second swim in the #smashitup2012 challenge.  I went to the pool on a Monday night at 6pm.  MADNESS! What on earth was I thinking.  I work at the centre, I know Monday's have swim squad, school lane, walking lane AND aqua aerobics at 6:30pm.

The fast lane had at least 12 people in it at one stage, I rarely get lane rage, but I was getting super shitty about not being able to finish 50m without stopping for some slow coach who was doing breast-stroke or backstroke or in one case an older man doing the double back stroke across the lane (funny  now, not at the time)  So the first 20 laps took me 35mins!! I kept eyeing off the lifeguards and they eventually opened another lane and mumbled something about "safety", yeah safety for you from me I thought.... (deep breath in and out Dons).   So jumped lanes as soon as the squad was out and swam another 20 laps and then got out, was over it, my arms felt tired,  was hungry and had lots my mojo, so 2kms it was.  I will plan my other swimming sessions on days when I know traffic will be minimal, like Mondays at 6AM not PM!

So next time I will keep it cool in the pool!  And will swim 4km.

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