Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DOMS - Don's Ongoing Muscle Strength....

DOMS baby is back! Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness - aka the Dons muscle strength.....  I haven't had a big leg weights session since before Christmas as my left quad has been so tight (thanks to my SI joint (pelvis/hip being out) so gradually getting the alignment back & working on muscle balance! Trying to be patient... trying... breathing in and out.

Sunday after I smashed myself in BODYJAM! Gosh I miss that class I trained chest/triceps & yesterday legs (bru).  Feeling very strong and in control. Concentrating on technique and form, to ensure I hit the target muscles and have reduced my weights (in legs), just a little so I can obviously still feel the burn but with less load.

Chest was great, smashed it up with my good mate Justin at Randwick FF. Dumbbell chest press, push ups, incline chest press, db flyes, cable press & flyes with some triceps dips, tricep overheads and extra pushups to smash me.  I love Randwick FF gym - they have dbells that increase in 1kg increments. Genius. I increased my chest flyes from 10kgs to 13kgs. Lots of leaning in doorways today.

Legs yesterday felt great, knee slightly pulling today, so lots of stretching and isolation work to ensure muscles fire in the right order (yes ass, talking to you)!  Started off with squats, nice and light at 50kgs - felt good, range was perfect and lots of stability in lower back and core, knee didn't pull.  Happy girl.  Mixed up squats with some plank holds and then did some front squats with the bar, 30kgs, again ensuring good form and stability in core/lower back, mixed it up with some lunges holding 20kg plate, alternating legs, that got the butt switched on even more - BOOM!  Finished off with some light deadlifts with 40kg bar and to smash me some tuck jumps - 2 x 12. They felt gooood. The stairs on the way down were slow, and the walk home wobbly - love LOVE LOVE that feeling!  

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