Friday, January 20, 2012

Loves a challenge.....

Being an impulsive person I tend to act and then think later.....  this was exactly what happened earlier this week when I saw a challenge on Facebook, on a friend's status it had something like "To help with my half-marathon training for 2012 I will run 1km in honour of everyone who clicks like".... I am not a runner, I don't get excited at the thought of running long distances (event though I did run my first C2S last year) my first thought was, wonder if I could do the same challenge swapping the 1km run for 500m swim.

So I put up the challenge. 46 likes equals 23kms. Bring it on. I have until the 18 February to complete this goal. 6kms a week which will be the most I have swam since i used to do squad training back when Lisa Curry was an Olympic swimmer (and a HUGE inspiration for me)!

So the goggles are ready, have ordered new togs/swimmers/bathers/cossie from YINGFA and am ready to Just Keep Swimming

I am excited!

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