Monday, January 16, 2012


My motto for this year - Smash it up! No excuses, just get in and get the job done. 
First full week back into training last week - am proud to report that I have been doing my glute & leg strengthening work to ensure my knees are ok (muscle imbalances are a biatch). My physio would be so proud.  Changing the way I train, making training all about ME and not others.  Being a little selfish to meet my expectations is key - think Bodyjam will be a now and then class for me for the next couple of months (I know... sad but true). 

I have my eyes on the prize (my body will be my trophy),  I am focused and can visualise the end result, I can feel it! I am tingling with excitement and a little fear. I am ready to eat cleaner, train smarter and get leaner than I have ever done before, taking my body & mind further.

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This morning session was Dons #smashitup circuit - four rounds of 12 reps each:

20kg bar weighted straight leg step ups
Bodyweight single leg squats off step
12.5kg db upright rows
35kgs deadlifts
Full pushups on bench
Walking lunges with 20kgs plate

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