Monday, January 23, 2012

#Smashitup2012 - first swim completed....

The past weekend was a lazy one measuring against my normal standards. No weight training, no tabata training or double class at the gym.  Was feeling a big flat and just wanted to sleep and relax. It was girly time of the month and I just wanted to be a sloth - eat, sleep and repeat.  Didn't remotely feel any guilt, I knew I just had to give myself the downtime my body needed and enjoyed a few drinks, excellent company and some good food.

Sunday was a slow start to the day - started off with almond meal pancakes with blueberries and a coffee.. fuelling myself for the first swim of my 23kms challenge.  I was feeling pretty average, low back pain, stomach cramps and thinking I just want to curl up on the couch.  But I knew that once I got into the pool I would feel much better.  I walked to the Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre and had the music pumping into my earphones on the way. It has been a long time since I have swam more than 30-40 laps in one session, think when I was training for the short course triathlons I would just do between 30-40 laps, that was at least 12-18 months ago.

The first 20 laps I felt like I was gliding in the water. Felt so good, I could feel the stretch in my lats and the power in the chest, I thought to myself, calm down and see how you go for the next 20... and then it was the next 20 and I had completed 60 laps/3kms and felt pretty damn good.  Took me around an hour with a couple minute rest in between the 20laps - timing went 1st 20 - 18mins, 2nd 20 - 20mins and last 20 22mins....   Traffic in the lane was minimal and I stuck to the medium lane and got a good pace up, no stopping for the entire 20laps.  

Nice and slow steady pace felt great. Am looking forward to getting into the pool tonight and upping the ante to 4kms! 

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