Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Let the madness commence....

Happy New Year!  Year of the Dragon 2012 - auspicious symbol signifying success and happiness.   May the celestial Dragon bring great good luck to everyone.

And good luck to me!!  This year my goals have been kicked up a notch.  For years I have been tip-toeing around the idea of competing in a Bodybuilding/Figure competition. "One-day" has been the voice inside my head.  Well 2012 is the year to give it a good solid crack.

Letting barriers down last year about my fitness, self image and training I finally realised that I can achieve ANYTHING I set out to achieve. I don't have to be perfect at EVERYTHING, I just have to give it MY best at 110%. To stop comparing myself to others and worrying about how others perceive me is something I too have let go. So what if I am not the "best" on stage, or fall out of my ridiculous "high-heels", the only person I need to please is myself. My expectations are the only ones I will meet.  

So 2012 you are going to be a challenge, but as most of my friends know I love a challenge. I don't sit still (for very long), I am go go go. Energiser bunny, that is me, always have been and always will be, a leopard never changes into a tiger, right?

Planning and scheduling has commenced,  training sessions and nutrition are in the works, getting the diary organised for dexascans, massages, days off etc....   I have lots and LOTS of hardwork to SMASH. I am so glad that I have such supportive friends and family - god knows I am going to need you ALL in the next six months in one way or another! The simplest things will get me through! 

I will be blogging my training, nutrition, the ups/downs and things that are keeping me sane &/or motivated.  I am also on Twitter (@fitbydons) so check it out for some daily tweets/motivation about how things are travelling. Please leave your feedback on this blog too, would love to hear from you and you can give me ideas on what I need to blog down the track...... 

My goals - June deadline:-
Decrease bodyfat from 25% to 18%  (to lose approx 6-8kgs bodyfat) that is 4-6% of current bodyfat
Increase total muscle from 53kgs to at at least 58kg
Increase flexibility, core strength and muscle stabilisation
I won't be too focused on the scales, will do measurements, pictures, videos and also dexascan to show results.  My training sessions in the gym will also be a guide.  

The comp's that are coming up are:-
May 20 – ANB Sydney National Physique Titles, Castle Hill RSL
June 3 – INBA City National Champs, Castle Hill RSL
June 24 – INBA All Female Classic, Mooney Ponds VIC - this is my main goal

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  1. Looking forward to reading all about your 2012 adventures!