Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Common Sense. Smart eating. Move your body.

So my eating habits get lots of attention, and of course people ask questions.  I like questions, you always should ask I was taught, I am happy to answer questions, BASED ON MY EXPERIENCE & KNOWLEDGE ONLY. I am also asked for advice on what "diet" they should do, how much exercise etc also. AM always happy to discuss nutrition and exercise. I am not a doctor and don't know all the answers, I only know what I know.  And day by day I learn something new about the body and mind.  Especially mine.

Working in the corporate world with a shared kitchen for morning/lunch/afternoon food prep always sparks discussions about diet, nutrition and exercise.  Who is doing what diet, race etc. There is always some new buzz trending from South Beach, to gluten free, no sugar, Michelle Bridges 12WBT, half marathon training, City to Surf... the list goes on.  As people stand around waiting for the kettle to boil, the coffee machine to brew coffee or the microwave to re-heat leftovers there is always discussions about food.  My food always gets a mention, it is kind of like "ooh what is the strange lady eating now", "are you having meat for breakfast", "isn't eating eggs everyday bad for you".

Most people know I don't dig diets. I don't agree with starving or restricting yourself energy wise.  You need to eat real food to fuel yourself period. No fads, gimmicks, pills, shakes or what not.  Yes, I have tried a few of them and wish I hadn't of.  Silly silly silly marketing ploys.

Common Sense. Smart eating. Move your body.

You ARE what you eat. Eat crap, you will look and feel like crap. Your body will be a mess of hormones and sugar high's, lows... etc. Not fun! Simple. 
90% of you will comfort eat at least 2-3 times a week. This is a HABIT. Like HEROIN. Get off it now. Get the crap out of your house and your shopping trolley.  Your kids will just have to eat good food too.  They won't starve... they will eat when hungry. Trust me, it worked in my house when growing up.

If you cannot pronounce an ingredient in a product, DON'T eat it. It isn't natural and won't do you any favours. I don't care if you think it tastes good. Bin it. 

Take responsibility for yourself. Your actions and your health. Do you want to live a healthy, fit and LONG life without complications? Then watch was goes into your mouth.  If you want diabetes, stroke, heart disease then continue shovelling crap into your gob. Just don't whinge to me about being tired, sick and run down all the time.  Stop being the victim. You can REDUCE risk.

Get regular check ups, get your cholesterol checked, make sure you understand your body and how it works, don't just think all will be ok. Go to the dentist, healthy teeth = healthy heart!! Did you know that? Most people have no IDEA.  You get your car checked and harp on about your kids being fit and healthy and worry about your family? The same mentality should go for YOU also.

My remedy for success is quite easy.  STOP TALKING ABOUT LOSING WEIGHT. Start talking about getting fit & healthy... weight will come off as a result. 

Eat more clean healthy foods than processed foods, DROP SUGAR, experiment with cooking yummy healthy foods, your taste buds WILL adapt.  Habits take time.  Move your body, I don't care if you are 85 years old, you are never to old to take yourself for a walk, swim or try a new class. DO IT.

Check out this women - 86 years old..only hobbling she is doing is from DOMS after a weights session. My kinda lady.  
This women is 72 years young....

You might not want muscles, but I bet you want to feel alive when you are in your 70's? Am I right?  What you do NOW will help you in the years to come.

My challenge to you. Give yourself 4 weeks. Stick to your plan. Prepare your week. Prepare mentally what foods you CAN eat and HOW you are going to get your heart rate up 3 x a week.

What do you have to gain?  Lots.  What do you have to lose? HABITS, BODYFAT.

Be prepared for people to sabotage you, offer you cake because it is Fred's sisters cats birthday.... or Harry's birthday drinks and YOU must drink with him because it is his birthday.  Only have positive people around you. People who will support your decisions even if they don't fully understand WHY. 

So, diary out, starting tomorrow. GO.

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