Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dexascan results are in......... big fat drum roll please.....

Ok, straight to the fat -  I knew I would of put on at least 5kg bodyfat - I mean I see myself naked often (a bit too much for my liking) and some of my clothes are a little snug in a couple areas (hips/thighs/ass).  Funnily enough this is where I have put on most of the bodyfat.... shock horror, NOT! 

So the dexascan gives you a complete body breakdown. I can see exactly where I have lost and gained bodyfat, muscle and also bone density. It is a true reflection showing my weaknesses in my body and shows that even though I am strong on my R side (especially upper body) my R leg has reduced muscle/density drastically compared to the left - this is due to my left knee being injured for the last couple months.  

It is great to know exactly what is going on in the body, I find this works for me, mentally I know exactly what I have to do and which numbers are important to see changes and increases/decreases. What I notice this time is my body shape is completely different. I have put on nearly half a kilo of muscle in the last few months and that is without me really trying - just shows that you can maintain muscle and increase but you can also get complacent and still store fat.  

Bone density is still good, so happy about that, a little reduced in some areas but nothing too drastic! Just a reflection that the muscles and the bones haven't been pulling on each other as much the last few months. Have noticed that the density around pelvis and lower spine has increased, awesome, no hip replacements just yet!!

So overall, the news for me is brilliant. Yes I knew my bf% had gone up, I have been a little relaxed on food intake/nutrition, BUT I have kept muscle and even increased it a little. Happy Days. Since May 2011 I have put on 2.4kg of muscle. Whoot.

10-week goal
Decrease bodyfat by 5%
Increase muscle by 600g (minimum)

Let the clean eating and #smashitup training commence. 

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