Monday, May 28, 2012

Establishing a healthy relationship with yourself, your body, your food......

What is a healthy relationship? 

A relationship is "created" and doesn't exist until two people unite in a common purpose. The common purpose in this relationship is overall HEALTH.  Healthy food choices will always back you 100%. They will provide you with the essential nutrients, vitamins and essential fats & proteins that your body requires to function like a well oiled Ferrari. 

Learning and understanding the characteristics of the relationship will assist you in building a healthy relationship with healthy food/food choices.  In a healthy relationship both sides are willing to see the opportunity to give, to change, admit to making mistakes, being open, having trust.  

Give YOURSELF the opportunity to be healthy, change the way you currently think about food and your current food choices, admit that you have made mistakes in the past (grapefruit diet anyone), be open to new healthy foods and choices, trust that your choices will work for you and your body.

If you chose to enter this new relationship with healthy foods be prepared for a few teething/adjusting problems,  ups and downs,  BUT nuture this new partner and focus on the big picture "eating healthy food and making healthy food choices 90% of the time",  will give you the healthy partner you require to achieve many things - health, energy, longevity, freedom, no more calorie counting, confidence, love, power, lower disease risks, speed, endurance... the list goes on.

Like any good solid relationship, you have to work at it and ensure that you do not deviate from this relationship with other unhealthy processed, unhealthy food options, you will feel guilty if you frequent this path.  Compare this relationship with your current personal relationships, do you have mostly positive people around you and have weeded out the negative, energy drainers? Same idea goes with food, keep it positive and the relationship will blossom!

Now as we know, no relationship starts of easily. You have to make small sacrifices, compromises and changes to the way you currently do things to NOTICE the difference. 

Once you are in a successful relationship with eating healthy & making smart & healthy food choices, you will notice how much more you respect yourself and your body.   You will feel energetic, alive, mentally alert, sleep better, body will function more efficiently and as a result your **body composition will change . Your moods will improve if you suffer hormone imbalances. Digestive system will be consistent, your immune system will be boosted. 

Fewer sick days, less fatigue, no more mood swings, reduce weight gain, reduced anxiety & frustration.  Why would you NOT want to start a successful relationship with healthy eating?  

So HOW do you start this beautiful relationship I hear you ask?  Simple. Take the following foods out of your diet 90% of the time (100% for the first couple weeks will have a bigger impact on the continuing 90% going forward)!

** Sugar
** Dairy (even soy)
** Grains (breads, cereals, pasta, gluten free products)
** Legumes/beans
** Alcohol
**Processed foods (soft drinks, packed/frozen foods)

Eat fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs, lean meats, nuts, seeds and ensure you have good fats everyday (avocado, nuts, olive oil)! 

I am on Day 12 of the #Whole30 plan and I have had a couple hiccups with chocolate & red wine (yup apparently I am HUMAN) but I can honestly say that I have been following this plan 98% and I am noticing BIG changes.

Start your new relationship now! Your body & most importantly your MIND will thank you for it.  

 ** Body Composition is the technical term used to describe the different body compartments (lean mass, fat mass, body water and bone mass) that make up a person’s body weight.

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