Friday, May 25, 2012

There is no such thing as a weekend....

You have worked hard all week, you have done 3 spin classes, a couple pump classes,  and have eaten well, so why not treat yourself this weekend, because, well you know, it is the weekend and you deserve it right? You had a busy, manic, crazy week....

You probably have worked hard and most of us do get rewarded with a two day break off work (some of you peeps have to keep the country supplied with coffee and other life saving services).  But, you want to feel healthy, fit and lean, so why do you let yourself un-do all the great work you have done during the week?    It is a pattern, a habit and society doesn't really help us with this either (long brunches, great deals at restaurants, happy hours, 2for 1deals).  YOU have to set the standard for the weekend and be in control.

I challenge you this weekend. To change your patterns. Don't think of it as the weekend, it is just another day of the week, that you happen NOT to be at work, ooh exciting.  Move around your regular routine (god forbid) a little... try a different class, train at a different time, different gym or meet up with a friend and do something sporty, indoor climbing, that nice 10km walk you have been meaning to do since 2010 (Bondi to Bronte comes to mind).  Change where you do your fresh food shopping, try the new market that you keep driving/walking/skating past promising yourself that you will go, when you get time.  Time - you have it, you just need to re-evaluate how you spend it.

Habits take a little while to change. If you keep everything the same, you will slide back into your not-so-good-for-you habits easily. Plan ahead a little, know roughly that you are going to be eating out for however many meals this weekend, and know, that 3-4 bad choices/meals can be enough to un-do many weeks work of eating well & training **hard. It doesn't have to be HARD. Be realistic, set small goals and timeframes. Make better, smart & wise choices.  Work out exactly what you have on, get the chores done, plan the gym, plan the nutrition. Plan Plan Plan.

Nutrition TIP - Have snacks in your bag (fresh fruit, almonds/nuts, tuna, homemade protein balls) keep water with you, don't drink five flat whites a day (sugar sugar sugar). Be the responsible driver and enjoy A glass of red with dinner.  Have your treat meal (one meal). Make it a great one (as suggested here by the fabulous Women Incredible).  Shock your body with the cheat meal, treat. Get it flowing get it WORKING!

Don't just SEE how you go on the weekend, you have put so much time, energy and effort into being healthy and making excellent lifestyle choices to keep you feeling healthy to stop the roller coaster now, stop the "whatever fad diet", stop the "I will start again tomorrow" just make healthy choices everyday. Be aware of what you put in your mouth and you won't HATE Monday's. 

I love Monday's. I love a new week, I feel invigorated to keep going with my healthy eating lifestyle and training program. So should you.  Get out of the negative mindset. You attach so many emotions with certain days of the week, it is time to change that.  Because emotions lead to emotional eating, drinking etc and the patterns/habits stay the same. You will never change, you will never achieve your fit & healthy goals.  yes have that Friday drink if you FEEL like it, not just because it is Friday and you think you should because it was a mad week. Learn the difference between want and need.  What do you really WANT? What are you willing to change to achieve your goals? 

Take time out this weekend and write down the following:

* what are you grateful for
* who looks after you, do you have positive people around you?
* when is your next rest day, holiday, massage
* what have you changed in your life in the last 6 months? was it your choice?
* what are your short term goals?
* are you stuck in a rut, what do you want to change?

I know I am not perfect, and I have given up trying to be "perfect" I just enjoy making healthy and fit choices, and feel the difference. I am happier in LIFE generally, I enjoy work, I enjoy the gym, spending time with loved ones and have so much energy. I don't stress about the little things as much, I embrace life and stop to smell the roses often.  Balance. Embrace life.

You have to have balance. If you have "tried" to do something for what seems like an eternity, with no results, you need to re-evaluate.... Don't be afraid to try, fall on your ass and get back up again, because that is how you learn, grow & achieve. 

** Training hard - varies between individuals, when I say hard, I mean your level of intensity, whether you did a spin class, weights, a run, a relaxing yoga class or a swim - still training, getting your body moving differently and will help to get your body into a state of homeostasis. Don't undo that balance.

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