Tuesday, June 26, 2012

50 days without sugar.....

I can hear you all now screaming "You want me to give up sugar?" Well yes, bluntly speaking "give it up"! It isn't doing you any good and probably is affecting your ability to achieve your true (deserved) health & fitness goals not to mention increasing your risk of diseases!

Meet Nat Carter - Nat is a down to earth, passionate PT with years in the industry who is ready to teach you about health and fitness.  Nat's passion is to get people thinking differently about diet and exercise, to make it part of your regular routine to keep you fit, healthy and disease free. 

I agree totally with Nat's philosophy, which is why I am promoting her new challenge - 50 days without Sugar.  Let me ask you these questions:

Do you want to feel more energetic and less lethargic?
Would you like to reduce your bodyfat by a few kilos?
Sick of getting every cold and flu that passes through the office/work?
Want to have a better nights sleep?
Get rid of those sugar cravings for good?

Answer yes to a few of those did we? Excellent, then register by clicking the link above for Nat's challenge.  It is free to enter and there are even prizes to be won! Join in this Global Challenge to feel healthier, fitter and even lighter.

The challenge officially starts on the 1 July - keep up to date with the topic chatter on:

Nat's webpage - New Outlook Fitness

Come on, you can do it... you will have a great forum of people facing the same fears and challenges as you!  Head over to Nat's page now and register and read about this fantastic challenge.  I dare you! 

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