Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's cold & wet and I don't wanna.....

"Winter is here",  I hear people moan EVERYDAY!  It is cold, dark and if you are living pretty much anywhere in Australia at the moment, WET! The rain has come and looks like it won't stop anytime soon.  The grey clouds make it seem much later in the day than it actually is and you only want to curl up on the couch, in front of the heater, with a good movie and something yummy to help comfort you.... am I correct? Well unless you are one of the lucky people travelling around the world following the sunshine, suck it up! It happens every year.

Yes it is hard to get out of warm bed and go to the gym, and it is hard to train after work as it is cold, dark and you just want to be at home in your snug pj's! I get it.... totally have so been there ..... I too have to push myself to get rugged up and to train. But I know I will feel GREAT when I do!  

You want to know WHY I still train in winter? Besides the fact I LOVE TRAINING

Here are my top five reasons:-

* TO get warm!  Once I have on warm training layers and my morning shot of espresso to "get me pumped" I feel warm and ready to train in no time! I just think of how a nice hot shower after will feel, then I am on cloud 9 for most of the day not to mention you won't feel the cold that much!

* TO avoid depression and keep my body healthy!  Treat your body like a machine, I try to treat it like one all year round.  Exercising releases stress, keeping me fit and healthy and warding off the dreaded colds & flu bugs that spreading like nothing else in the winter months.  I know I get a bit SAD in the winter months, it was much worse when I was living in London,  but I find that exercising and eating lots of healthy foods keeps me smiling in winter!

* TO access all the equipment and benches galore at the gym!  Most people that are committed to actually getting up and heading to the gym most likely do a class, so I pretty much have the entire GYM to myself .. I spread out my weight circuits or super sets out over a couple benches and machines and just go hard!!  Pump up a few of my favourite tunes LOUD to get me sweating and feeling awesome which just makes me work even more!  I love  "making my fat cry"!

* TO use the heated pools!! I love swimming in winter, get out the togs and head to the pool! Great way to look after your body and keep the muscles, tendons and joints all working to keep you fit and strong! The hydrotherapy pool (with spa if you are lucky) is a great place to hang out with friends or just relax after a swim!  Then you can celebrate by going for a nice post swim brunch at a cafe and have a enjoyable breakfast!

* TO be able to do all the relaxing you want! Once you have trained whether it be weights in the gym, a class, outside run or a swim, you can relax on the couch with your blanket and a DVD and feeling great because you have worked hard to keep your health & fitness goals! Once you get your training done, you will be pumped the rest of the day and will feel SO much better and you can sit back and enjoy that great movie or chill time with a nice warm cuppa in front of the heater or even better out with friends!

SUMMER NOTE: Just think how great you will feel once it starts to warm up again! You will be feeling great and not having to stress about getting your summer body ready, it will be all ready to go or just need a little refining!

If you train after work, get CHANGED at work! That way you won't be tempted to get the train straight home, not passing the gym on the way, or stopping off for take-away because it is cold and you want hot food now.

Pack spare training gear and leave at work if you can! No excuses, not even for a brisk walk at lunch. DO IT!

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