Thursday, June 28, 2012

Being happy & healthy... where can you get that from?


I was told the other day that I am always so happy! So of course I smile back and say thanks, I know I am! And healthy too they said, you are always eating good healthy foods.  Great, they haven't seen me raid the charity chocolate in the kitchen.

Attitude is so important! I have a positive attitude to so many things in life, which I find just keeps me happy, healthy and smiling.  I don't take too many things seriously, or myself (some days) and I tend not to get caught up in everyone else's negativity (shite).  I like to keep things real.  Life is a two way street. Friendships and relationships should be the same. Give and take and compromise but some people want to constantly take or whinge, they can, as long as it ain't to me. Don't get me wrong I will always be there for my  friends and family, but like to not have negative people drain me.... so I choose who I spend my energy on. Sometimes you meet people at the right time in your life when changes are happening, you may not always be friends til the end with the people you meet, but you are crossing paths for a reason. Deep I know, but so true. 

Be thankful for who & what you have in your life, focus on the good things and change the negative energy. Or how you deal with the negative energy. Remember it isn't what gets thrown at you in life, it is how you deal with it.  We all go through shit from time to time. That is life. That is living and part of the journey. Don't just focus on the destination... enjoy the road along the way!  Yes you will meet shitty people along the way, but oh my how you have learnt from that experience, yes?

THe things I love are coffee, food and sleep! I always have been in love with food. I love food! Enjoy eating healthy fresh foods - I crave them! Have always enjoyed eating well.  Been lucky to grow up in a house where fresh fruit, vegetables, meats etc were on the menu everyday.  Also grew up with an irish influence, so I do  love my drinky poos!  My weakness nowadays is red wine, coffee, cheese.. mmm.... I mean life it is too short to not enjoy the finer things. I just don't gorge myself on them daily.  I love the feeling of being in control of my health, looking after myself! I sleep well, train hard, eat goood food and smile, often, laugh often too, even if it is mainly at myself!  I find myself quite hilarious somemost days!

I get yearly checks at the quacks.  Yes ladies including those umcomfortable checks that we all need and most of us don't do (but I am young, don't have family history, crap crap) Just do it.
I get blood tests, regular mole patrols and if there is anything I am unsure of, I ask, begrudgedly, but I ask.   I know that I don't have a family history in a lot of diseases, but I also know that dosen't matter, neither does age or if you didn't smoke/drink etc.  Check your body.  It is peace of mind. Truly.  Ladies check your boobies. Monthly. Just do it.

Having suffered from depression I am more aware of my mind and body and recognise the signs when those dark days roll around, and I know how to ride them out and recognise how to learn from these days and not to challenge them too much. They happen less and less as I recognise the patterns now.  I need Donna time, down time, massages, healing days.  

Remember we are all connected, mental and physical.. we focus TOO much on how we look, weigh, peoples perceptions, what diet we are on or how skinny we can be that we forget to talk about depression, anxiety or mental health. Sweep it under the mat, as no-one wants to be burdened with other peoples problems? Wrong. I would prefer you to talk to me about your anxiety rather than you need to loose 5kgs. Guarantee you deal with one the other takes care of itself.

Sometimes you have to talk about the stuff that makes you uncomfortable. That is how you heal, grow, learn.  Find the right outlet.  I guarantee you if we were to work with people on their mental health, everyone's mental health, mental health is for us all, not just those who we think are mentally ill. BIG DIFFERENCE. If we worked on everyones state of mind, we would notice a big change in their health, weight, attitude, perceptions etc. 

Sometimes you have to take down those brick walls that have been slowly built over-time. Not all at once, but start to gradually realise how connected you are both in body and mind.Being happy in your skin, learning to love you for you. Realising your strength and weaknesses. No one is perfect and who would want to be, how boring!! 

I have had my ups and downs. I have had shit happen in my life. I have been underweight and skinny, I have put on weight, I have been loved, I have had my heart broken, I have been far away from family, I have lost loved ones, I realise that you have to get up everyday and make it count. I choose to smile, be happy and live my life to the full. That is why I am happy and healthy.

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