Thursday, June 21, 2012

WHY I love weight training & muscles!

Feeling strong is one of the best feelings in the world.

Being strong both in body & mind.

That body pump you get from training with weights truly is a great way to keep your body feeling alive, powerful and strong.

Not being afraid of challenging myself, I find is key. Stepping outside my comfort zone regularly helps me keep perspective not only on my training but other areas of my life.

Going from "girlie" push-ups to FULL push ups ALL THE TIME!! Chest all the way to the ground, nice and slow. Sometimes using benches, chairs or medicine balls for extra challenge makes me feel freaking awesome!!

Technique is key. Mixing between isotonic eccentric and concentric movements to really work the muscle.

Drop sets. Pyramids. Fatigue.

Never having to do sit ups or crunches to get abs because I incorporate core training into my weight training sessions.

That proud moment when you motivate the guy at the next bench to go heavier as they realize you are kicking their butts! Not that I am competitive (much)! Just reminds you that you are strong, capable and also inspiring!

Muscles are sexy. They show character, determination and strength (not just in the physical sense).

Muscles = great posture... have you ever seen a super fit person slump? They are strong, proud and confident and their posture reflects that.

Love DOMS! The delayed onset muscle soreness (or as I call is Donna's Ongoing Muscle Strength) knowing that that sore feeling means your muscles are growing and getting bigger, stronger.  

Love being the only chick on the weights floor most days, still amazes me how many women want to look fit & lean but STILL kill themselves with endless hours of cardio a week, to god forbid "tone". Shakes head. Variety is key. Have muscle to assist your cardio workouts - muscles burn more fuel. You won't need to kill yourself with hours of classes to get lean. The less cardio I do the less body fat I have. Sometimes my weights workout is SO intense I actually get my heart rate up the same as I would doing a cycle class.

Love that I can hardly carry the dumbbells to the bench but can press them easily enough! Strength or what!

Muscle burns more fuel at rest - keeping your Ferrari in tip top condition.  Ensuring you fuel your muscles with the good stuff, they will keep burning even more fuel at rest.

You enjoy shopping for sleeveless tops, shirts, dresses, wearing heels with skirts .... you like showing OFF your hard work!

The more muscle you have the less chance you are to get diabetes, hypertension & other health ailments. You might find you don't get sick as often, tired or run down. Training well, eating well tends to be a good combination for good health.

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