Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Just a reminder, be thankful.... everyday.

Feeling very thankful for so many things today.  

Sometimes we can loose touch with ourselves and get caught up in the fast-paced moving world, expectations rise, stress rises and we forget the simple things that make us smile.

When was the last time you took sometime out to do things that make you smile. Doing something that you truly would LOVE to do?  Could be anything - singing lessons, dance classes (burlesque anyone), helping the community - volunteer at hospital or at an event in your community, give some love back,   taking yourself away for an afternoon or day to see a movie, massage at spa,  cafe with a good book, cooking class or shopping trip, catching up with a friend you haven't seen in ages.  Do a dream board, make lists of things that inspire and motivate you. 

You should never feel guilty for taking time out from your busy work, home, gym schedule, it gives you a great chance to reflect and truly get a glimpse of what you have in your life, what you are thankful for and what needs to be re-evaluated. What negative influences can you change? Are you giving yourself the attention you need? If you are the best version of you, then you will be able to share that love & energy with your family and friends. If you are constantly looking after others, you are neglecting yourself. Be kind to you. Respect yourself and treat yourself like you would loved ones.

What am I thankful for? Being fit, healthy and happy with my choices in life. Being free to choose any path I choose, to not be afraid of the unknown and visit there regularly.  I have learnt to accept myself and know I can achieve anything I set my mind too. I have a gorgeous man in my life who keeps me grounded and reminds me daily that I am worth loving and deserve so much happiness, my friends & family who constantly support me and my decisions,  an attitude that constantly lets me push my boundaries and achieve great things that I never thought possible.  I keep challenging myself daily, weekly & monthly.  It is the simple things that keep me smiling.

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