Tuesday, June 5, 2012

But I need sugar..... really......

You have a sweet tooth, you need a pick me up before your afternoon meeting, it is Fred's mothers sisters cats birthday, so you need cake.  Sugar is ok right, you will just burn it off tonight at the gym. It is fat you have to worry about surely, right? Surely you can have sugar-free or fat-free products? But I am craving chocolate. 

Your body needs fat. Fat transports the fat-soluable vitamins A, D, E and K around the body. Supplies essential nutrients and EFA (essential fatty acids) which can only be supplied by nutrition. Key role in membrane structure. Protects internal organs. Stored as long-term fuel reserve (adipose tissue).  Fat is a concentrated source of energy, yes it is more "calories" but your body will utilise good fats properly. 

My rule of thumb is get your fat from meat, fish, eggs, nuts, avocado, seeds, coconut oil, olive oil. That is it.

Sugar is not required, period. Eating sugar once or twice a day increases your risk of catching a cold, flu as 1 tsp of sugar will surpress your immune system by 50% for four hours. Yes diabetics will use it to get a quick sugar increase, but overall the body does not require sugar to survive.

Sugar is a fast digesting carbohydrate with a high glycemic index. This means it digests quickly and causes a rapid rise in blood sugar levels. After ingesting sugar, blood sugar levels begin to rise, which sends a signal to control this rise, so your body responds by releasing insulin (hormone), which pumps your body full of sugar and excess is stored.

Sugar leads to tooth decay, obesity, insulin sensitivity, improper endocrine function, diabetes, hyperactivity, can contribute to heart disease and many other illnesses.

If you need a boost, especially post workout, have natural sugar (banana or fruit) with protein for a more slow energy release. What goes up must come down, and that is not healthy.  Ensure you fuel your body throughout the day so as not to get hungry.  The hormonal rollercoaster your body goes on from a typical sugar overload - overworks adrenal glands and produces more cortisol (stress hormone)... get off the rollercoaster.

But why do I crave sugar? Because you are addicted, yes like heroin, or smoking or alcohol. It is a habit. Only you know it is only just a chocolate bar, your brain knows that a quick energy boost is coming and is prepared for it because you have set the pattern. The pleasure part of your brain knows that you will get your quick fix.  Stop eating it and you will stop craving it, I know GENIUS!!

Have fruit with protein and/or fats to stabilise sugar levels.  Have fat as a fuel source, not sugar.

Fat free, sugar free products - really?  If you cannot pronounce the ingredients, don't eat them. Simple. THink about what they are replacing them with, how good is that for your body to break down?

So eat FAT, not sugar. Yes honey is sugar. ALL alcohol is sugar.

When you reduce sugar, you won't crave it or really feel the need for it, think or dream about it. Have a treat now and then for sure, you have to live, but if you want to be healthier, reduce the risk of degenerative diseases, control weight and allow your immune system to hum get it ALL out of your nutrition.

The "spare tyre" around your belly is fat storage from hormonal imbalances from SUGAR

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