Monday, August 20, 2012

Challenges from Vinyasa to Bike mini-bucket list!

The little things that you say you always want to try and never do, what are those little things?  Life is too short... I am going to cross a few of the easier (well easy to arrange) ones......  NO more excuses,  not enough time, too busy? Money? Pfft... work them into the schedule. I have decided to step outside my little comfort zone and try a few new things - see how they go!  Have nothing to lose and it will distract me from eating chocolate and drinking red wine (to achieve my health & fitness goals).  Nothing to major to start with.... I figure I do a lot already with charity walks, fundraisers, fitness events etc.

Incorporating fun activities into one's schedule....   will blog about these new experiences of course!  So many things on my list.. here are a few.... some are just fun things I have come across, others are fears (they will be more apparent)!

  • Bikram (Vinyasa) yoga
  • Baking/cooking healthy recipes (using online blogs, recipe books as guides)
  • Open water swimming (without hyperventilating)
  • Writing courses (to help with blogs, getting my brain used to writing... )
  • City bike riding courses (one is tres nervous on bicycle in the big city) to lead to moped courses...
  • Write a book
  • Book free Mac training (learning how to better utilise my Mac, especially iphoto)
  • Visit more Eco Grow markets & stalls to buy fresh produce, sharing details with others
  • Experience more walks in Sydney (besides the Spit to Manly, Bondi to Coogee) revisit Oxfam tracks
  • Trapezing (last visit was a mess, I was a wreck)
  • Move in with my gorgeous boyfriend, a house
  • Create a vegetable/herb garden
  • Adopt a dog from the RSPCA
  • Join the Big Sister program through the YWCA
  • Make macaroons
  • Return my hair colour to a more natural one
  • Go to Waterworld/Movie World
  • Go camping!
  • Eat dessert only at a restaurant
  • Photo-a-day of ME - September
  • Watch more Arthouse movies at Dendy
  • Get more ink!!
  • Re-watch The Bucket List

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