Friday, August 10, 2012

FITbyDons get fit & healthy challenge..... dare you!

What is your ultimate goal? Your Number ONE goal - to be fitter, healthier?  Great... but where do you start? That is a broad goal.Time to put thoughts into action.

Winter is hard, you know you should be eating better and moving your body a couple times a week but it is just so hard to get up in the mornings, it is cold, dark, wet, miserable - I totally get it!  You have your good days and some not so good days... you are human, you will have those days where you just think it is hopeless, so you go to bed and then continue the next day.

In about five weeks time it will be getting warmer and summer will be on it's way (we hope and pray) and you will all be thinking EEEEk beach body isn't ready... well time to get fit and healthy NOW! Put down that hot chocolate, step away from the stodgy dinners and get your body & mind ready for the warmer weather!

Let's work together to gain results - getting you feeling healthier, stronger and leaner!  Make you feel better, sleep better, reduce stress and also look great.

I know I am super keen to challenge myself, I hope you are too! Some of you may even be following another plan at the moment, there are some great ones (Mish Bridges 12WBT and 50-days No Sugar) if you have missed those or are stilll keen to challenge yourself, we can all get fit and healthy together - always nice to know others are going through the same struggles and challenges, together.

Where to start I hear you. Start today. Yes a Friday, yes near the weekend.  Get the wheels in motion, start thinking and planning today to get ready for Monday!

What you need to do, actions and planning are KEY: 

1. Write down your goals, ultimate goals. In detail. SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely)

MINE: To eat clean, healthy fresh foods 90% of the time, rid of all processed foods, be organised in the kitchen and have food prepped and ready for each week.  Follow my exercise programme 5-days a week to get stronger, end goal to do 10 full body unassisted chin ups. Rehabilitate my knees by completing assigned leg exercise 3 x a week as set out by physio to prepare me for surgery next year. Drop overall body fat to 19% (currently 24%) and increase muscle mass by 4kgs.  Oxygen covergirl photo to be sent in by October. LOTS of work to be done.

2. Plan your week out - when you have work, shopping, cooking prep, family activities,  plan it all out, so you know exactly what you have on this week, planning is key.  Some days things won't go to plan, that is life, but at least you will know where you are at. Plan red flag days (fabulous thing I learnt from doing Mish Bridges 12 week plan) write down those birthday parties, work drinks etc.  You can PLAN around them.

3.  Work out a rough meal guide for the week - list of fresh foods to make meals. Have a cooking day if you can and make healthy foods to put in the freezer, I will share some of my favourite bulk meal recipes that will help you feel organised and keep you eating healthy.  Check out some of my favourites here.

4. Measurements - how are you going to measure your success? I suggest weigh in ONCE a week, do your measurements with tape measure and also have your trusty jeans or black pants that you can measure by.  Take a before shot, DO IT, no-one likes the before shot, but I guarantee you you will be so glad you did it when you put it alongside your AFTER shot in about 10 weeks time. 

5. Rewards - how are you going to reward yourself for your fabulous achievements? Put money aside each week into a kitty and you can do a pamper day, have a manicure, massage, new dress, new shoes... whatever YOU feel like you would love to reward yourself.  NO FOOD rewards... 

6. Positive people - tell a close friend or someone that you can trust for support, some people will try and sabotage you, this is to deal with issues they are having, so just brush it off. People will want to give you cake, tell you that you are fine the way it is... it is your goal remember, so stick to it.  Do up a visual board, cut out pictures of people or things that inspire you, put it up near your bed, on your fridge, this constant reminder will keep you positive.

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Blog topics to come:
Healthy meals and snack recipes
Weight training exercises - beginner, intermediate, advance
Core strength, how it enhances your training
Importance of rest days
Why Sugar is bad for you!

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