Thursday, August 9, 2012

Is that a cupcake?

You think you are plodding along all nice and healthy and BAM there is a pretty pink cupcake sitting there in front of you, everyone else is having one and you think "I shouldn't" - what do you do?  I ate that gorgeous sweet delightful cupcake with its high sugar content..... I had planned my sweet encounter. I knew it was coming.

It was GOOOD.  Enjoyed every sugar licking mouthful.  Why you ask, gasp?! Because I had been really good nutrition wise and training wise in the last two weeks since I got back from Thailand, managed to drop a couple kgs on the scale (beer & noodle belly, aka buddha belly) and just felt like a cupcake, with my nice long black. Yummy, delicious, scrumptious, get in my belly.

The positive thing is I haven't fallen off the healthy band wagon, I have just made the decision to have a little something sweet and enjoyed it. I still ate my healthy snacks for that day and trained like a mofo in the gym. This boys and girls I find works for me and keeps me from "binging".  I am not training for a comp, or Olympics (yet) I am getting fitter and stronger everyday, I can tell that from my training and my body shape in the mirror.  

The only person I have to answer to is me. I am human and thank god I am in a healthy mind space about food. We have cake for the next two days at work, but I have already had my little piece of heaven (helps being the person who is responsible for the ordering the cake, so I can work out what I like and what I can indulge in)! Plus I don't really worry about saying NO. People around here are used to me with my "strange" eating habits.

I don't count calories anymore, I don't worry about doing three classes back to back if I have chocolate, I just make sure the chocolate is yummy and made with natural ingredients! I track my nutrition intake to pretty much keep an eye on my sugar and ensure I get enough fuel (I can funnily enough under eat some days).  

Who wants to live like that so restraint?  My wish for everyone out there, even the ones who do seriously have a good solid 10+kgs to lose, is that you are what you eat and think. Start thinking healthy, planning healthy activities with your friends and family, fill your cupboards with good fresh snacks and healthy meal plans. Allow yourself something a little naughty once a week (not a cheat meal or day) no cheating here or binging! Prepare for it, so you will enjoy it, keeping you being on track the rest of the week. If you fall off, well get up and dust yourself off and get back on the healthy wagon, it should become easier and just part of your lifestyle.  Learn NEW healthy eating patterns, learn what to buy from the shops, where to get fresh cheaper produce and have a good solid list of quick and easy recipes.... it will take over the old habit and be your new healthy habit. DO IT.

Do not give yourself the opportunity to be sabotaged by yourself or others. What do YOU want to achieve. Stand on your two feet and say "No, I don't want that, but thanks for asking".  What is your goal?  We all know you ain't going to get the changes you want until you change.  So what are you waiting for?  

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