Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Donna’s Strength & Stabilization Session

Donna’s Strength and Stabilization Session 
(won Lean and Strong competition in Michelle Bridges 12 week transformation program)

Location   Indoor Gym or home with dumbbells
Duration   1 - 1.5hrs depending on breaks & fitness level. 

I would time yourself completing this and aim to reduce the time it takes to complete.  If you can only do 1 x through, that is fine, you have to start somewhere, you always have room for improvement.

Warm up on rower – 3 x 400m – aim for 2:20 split
Alternating with 10 burpees

Complete circuit below, aim for 3 x rounds, finish each exercise before moving onto next one, limited rest during each round

20 bodyweight squats *or dumbbell squat press with 5-10kg db*
20 pushups on toes or walking l
pushups on step/medicine ball

10 jump squats

20 walking lunges holding weight (5-15kg plate, 10-15kgdumbbell or 5-10kg medicine ball)
20 renegade rows with 4-8kg dumbbells (alternating arms, 10 each arm)  **see links below

10 burpees

10 jumping pull ups
10 tricep dips

10 plank to push up

Standing quad stretch
Hamstring stretch
Hip opener
Lower back stretch
Chest stretch
Tricep stretch

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