Monday, August 6, 2012

Overheard on bus this morning: when I lose "more" weight everything will just be better for me, I know it!

After hitting the snooze button three times this morning I trundled (trotted? toodled) to work on the #377 bus from Randwick.  The bus was packed and I had my earphones in but hadn't pressed the play (trying to juggle bags, gym and handbag) as I caught up with my morning social media networks (who was eating what for breakfast on Facebook and Twitter) it was then I overhead the two very young girls discussing going to the gym after work.

I smiled, thinking to myself "me too" and kept scrolling down my Facebook feed not really concentrating on the rest of the conversation until I heard "sometimes it is just so hard, you know, trying to lose weight"! I think at this moment I turned my head to the left to actually check out the bodyshape of the young girls - slim, slender.  (So glad I had my fake Prada sunnies on from Thailand so they couldn't see my eyes).... then her girlfriend responded with " I know when I lose more weight everything will just be better for me,  I know it"!

I just wanted to lean over and slap these two 24-year old something girls! They have so much in life I am sure, they looked healthy and well dressed, no doubts have great jobs somewhere in the city and still they are still talking about their image, like being underweight and having spaghetti arms is going to be the big saviour, that once they get to their ideal weight (god knows what they weighed, around 50-53kgs?) that everything will just fall into their laps? That being skinny/slimmer than they are now is the answer to everything? 

Now alarm bells rang when she said the word  "MORE"... when I lose more weight... now she could of very well lost you know 20 or 30kgs previously, but you could just tell that it was more likely 1-2kgs... I have trained girls like this in the gym...

This is the point I put on my headphones and starting drafting this blog post.   The message still seems to be very loud and clear - you are not accepted or successful unless you are skinny! Arrghhhh.  I know not every girl thinks the same but I guarantee you this, there would be many young girls who would say the same thing, guaranteed.

So lets get THIS message right

Strong is the new skinny, healthy is the new skinny......


  1. "Strong is the new skinny, healthy is the new skinny......" Very true! Skinny can't do the things I demand of my body when I'm playing football! I need to be strong and healthy! xx

  2. Exactly! I am just sad that we aren't still getting the message! I am always amazed at how many cardio classes girls still do to get toned (eek hate that word). I do my weights watching the girls line up for the body attack classes etc and think, come do a session with me, just one! I am all for classes for heart health and de-stressing but mixing it up will get them the results.... unfortunately they still think thin is what is accepted... funny because I am starting to like my curves and bumpy bits!