Monday, August 27, 2012

No starving yourself!!

I seem to have interesting chats online or with people about nutrition & still so many people still believe that lowering calories to a really low level will help them with their goals! Maybe dropping muscle & a little fat on the scales but that isn't how you get healthier, fitter & stronger!

UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO YOUR BODY BEFORE YOU COMMENCE MAD LOW CALORIE DIETS. If you understood what you were doing, trust me you would NOT continue.

I hate the word calories! Most people don't have a positive feeling about calories (or a complete understanding of how they work). I prefer to use the word fuel for energy.  What most people forget is that your body requires a certain amount of fuel to function daily, for key body functions (heart beating, brain function, breathing) etc.  So reducing your energy/fuel to way below what your body needs IS NOT GOING to be good for you long term.

Stop worrying about the freaking numbers on the scale.  If you are HONESTLY eating good healthy foods (including FATS) and moving your body you WILL shed weight that you do not require. By all means use it as a guide, but you should know from how you feel, energy levels, your favourite black work pants or jeans. Mirrors are amazing things too. Trust yourself. What you put in your mouth reflects in the mirror.  Dropping weight fast is NOT good unless you need to loose over 50+kgs!!!

A simple challenge if you will, make 90-100% of your daily foods from the following list ONLY - good fruits(berries best, kiwi, passion fruit, etc), leafy & colourful vegetables, good sources of meats, fats from nuts avocado, coconut oil, nut butters, eggs, fish! Sweet potato is the main starchy carb (no white potato, no pasta, no grains, cereals)! 

Black coffee, water, black tea. NO soft drinks, limited alcohol & no sugar.

Reduce all processed foods!! Really limit grains & dairy (especially skim or diet products) Have full cream milk if you need it (for those avid tea drinkers).  I know I love my Greek yoghurt though, full fat a couple times a week).

Give up your two or three SKIM lattes a day!! Trust me, swap them for some healthy berries and nuts and a long black, you will notice the difference.

Having two skim milk coffee's a day is NOT good for you... so much sugar.  I prefer to get my calcium and healthy fats from 20 almonds.  If I feel like something sweet I will go for natural sources (strawberries, blueberries). I prefer 12g of fat that my body can utilise than 12g SUGAR. Give it a try, I used to LOVE my skinny latte and now I do not miss them at all. You have to change your mind to change your body.

Your body will take a while to adjust to NEW healthy habits. Give yourself a minimum 4 weeks. Give yourself time to plan foods, to plan when you will shop, when you will prepare foods - if you fail to plan, you will plan to fail. Simple. Schedule in your workouts and stick to them, you don't cancel work appts do you or other appts, same with exercise. Try something new (i have a few fab ideas on my bucket list)!

A fitness challenge to aim for click here.

Fresh foods is best.  Here is a great sample of yummy healthy delicious foods.  Smart choices.  Give this a go for the next few weeks. I bet you will feel amazing. Your body will wonder what took YOU so long to get on the healthy eating plan.  Here are some more of my favourites!!

This will stop the merry-go-round of putting weight on, dieting to loose it then putting it on again. Choose a healthy lifestyle and you will achieve your health & fitness goals.  

I didn't say it was going to be easy, but it will be worth it.

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